Online business and why your not successful

Trying to make that hard to get cash from an online business, but you seem to fail constantly?

Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you understand what you need to do in order to succeed.

One thing I notice time and time again is the utter lack of education. At Four Percent the entire purpose of our existence is to educate.

You need to use this education that, if your a pro member, you PAID FOR!!

There is no excuse with the amount of material that is available to you.

There are videos out the rear end to watch. Your hand is held and every piece of the puzzle is taught to you in extreme detail.

Stuck on something? Don’t give up, re-watch the video if you have to, go on google and do a simple search, you tube that crap, join our Facebook group and ask. SOMETHING!!

Just don’t give up because you don’t put in the effort to want to learn. Just like anything else in life practice makes you better, and you will never be successful if you give up when the answer is right in front of you.

This is 2017, you are reading this on the internet. Do you know what else is on the internet? Access to the worlds knowledge, in most cases right in the palm of your hand on your phone.

Make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the thing you are promoting. Trying to fly when your not ready can land you flat on your face. Or worse, broke, frustrated and confused on how others did so well but you failed.

There was a guy who asked me the other day “I do not understand,  I’ve been promoting for 2 days and have not made any money. What am I doing wrong? I signed up 3 free members but I don’t see any money in my account yet?” This person didn’t even understand how they make money from their offer.

Simple concept, when someone pays, you get paid. Simple online business economics. We are all salesmen after all. This is why you need to educate your self until you are blue in the face. No reason to fail because you absolutely refused to learn why your are doing what your doing.

Most people these days have a Facebook account that they want to try to leverage to hopefully get some sales. Make sure you have a Facebook picture. I sure wouldn’t want to purchase anything from someone like that, would you? A real one would add a ton more credibility but any picture is better then none. Should be common sense, but hey this is the internet after all. This shows people that you are real, presentable, and didn’t just slap together a spam account to scam people.

Time and effort are two of the most important things that most failures seem to shun. You can’t expect to get rich over night, especially if you put in very little effort.

BE CONSISTENT!  Be dedicated to your craft. Sleepless nights will happen. Be a hustler, put in some effort or you will not see results. PERIOD. Make time.

The most important thing of all to be successful is attitude. No one like a bad attitude. Would you want to join a sour puss? Being grumpy or complaining will do nothing but push potential leads away and will be detrimental to your online business.

We are online salesman here, plain and simple. Think of this business as a car lot, there are a lot of people roaming around your lot. You approach one with a good attitude, confidence, and a desire to make that sale. Your potential is high. Even if they don’t buy, give them your business card, they may come back later and become a good lead. If you approach that same customer with a Negative Nancy look about you, and the first thing you do is say how much this car sucks and you don’t even know how to start the car, they will run away and your lead gone forever. Same thing applies in your online business.

Education, the way you present yourself, time, effort, consistency, and most importantly attitude are keys to success. These few simple cogs in the machine keep it running and keep you from failing and looking like a fool.

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