The importance of a lead capture page with affiliate marketing.

What is a lead capture page?

A lead capture page is a page you send your traffic to before you send them to your affiliate offer, or any offer really, in hopes to capture their e-mail. Put simple, it is a form that captures your leads. Get it? Some one visits your lead capture page, enters their e-mail address, it gets added automagically to your autoresponder for follow up and Bob’s your uncle.

This is an extremely important step that a lot of new affiliate marketers leave out because they are either too lazy to create one, they were never told they needed one, or they feel as it is not needed.

If you are not using a capture page I implore you to create one right away. Your customers are getting lost in the wind. Don’t be lazy. This is your business. Put in some effort and your results will speak for themselves.

Look at it like this, if you send someone to your affiliate offer and they decide to leave, they will be gone forever. Now what if you had captured their e-mail address before you sent them to your affiliate offer? You would be able to follow up, offer something new, or convince them that your affiliate offer is right for them.

affiliate offer capture page

Above is a example of a tracked follow up email series that I have tracked using Clickmagick. This is ONLY to the people who opted-in to my affiliate offer and did not sign up for a free account or do any other action at the time of opt-in. The E column represents my free member sign ups, and the S column represents my sales. 64 free members and 2 sales from follow up emails alone on this one affiliate offer. Some of those free members have gone on to a paid account also. Now imagine if I felt to lazy or encumbered to create a capture page? All those new members of my team would be lost in the wind forever.

I personally use ClickFunnels to build my lead capture pages. With a few clicks of the mouse you can create beautiful, eye catching, and superior lead capture pages. It is simple and integrates well with my Aweber autoresponder account. I use Clickmagick to track all my links so I can see what works, what doesn’t work, and what I need to tweak to get better results.

These affiliate marketing tools are a MUST have if you play on having any type of success in the affiliate online marketing niche.

For a list of tools I recommend please visit the tools sections by clicking on marketing tools on my main menu.

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